Location of site: Ioannina, Greece
client: private
program: single family house
site area: 662 m2, built-up area: 160 m2
Architects: Xaris Tsitsikas, Dimos Moysiadis
project architect: Xaris Tsitsikas
Civil Engineer: Panagiotis Mitsios 
MEP design: Michalis Mpakaloumis
Land Surveyor: TEKMON 
Construction and Supervision: XT ARCHITECTURE STUDIO


The plot area is located within small distance from the city of Ioannina on a plot with local lush, at the foot of a mountain and in a mildly structured environment. The basic compositional principle of the building is a pure white volume, parts of which are removed, creating gaps and solids and serving the uses of the building. The main spaces of the house are organized in two levels. A united one room accommodates the stay spaces which are expanded through a large opening in the sheltered south terrace, penetrating into the garden of the house. The kitchen is located at the western end of the common area while on the north side an ancillary uses zone and the stairway are organized. Upstairs two bedrooms are east -oriented while on the west side there is a master bedroom with a bathroom. The basement extends across the coverage surface and is intended for two vehicle parking, storage areas and mechanical installations. The house was designed according to bioclimatic principles. The generalized use of protected southern openings affects positively the heat balance of the shell. Solar panels are placed in the southern pitched roof, serving the heating system. The compact layout of the spaces serves the thermal inertia contributing to energy savings, while the north ancillary uses zone works as double shell, conserving the thermal comfort conditions in the main spaces. Finally, the placement of a continuous external insulating shell is provided so as to reduce energy losses.