THE LAKE OF CIRCLES - Invited Architectural Workshop for the restoration of the old Maison Crystal

location: Thessaloniki Waterfront, Greece, 2014

The lake of circles is a park which complements the theme gardens of the new waterfront. It is dedicated to the creative public of city and intends to bring a new model of companies that coexist in the same workplace through entertainment, art and architecture. The old MC's use changes and it is converted into a modern municipal collaborative space in the most privileged piece of land that overlooks the sea. It is intended to be a nest of ideas and customers and for this reason we propose a dynamic solution. The surrounding area is flooded with water and within it, four giant circles accommodate different uses.

The skateboard circle: This circle is exclusively dedicated to skateboard. It is located at the back part of the park and in degradation of the ground level for noise avoidance and it includes a huge pipe for tricks.

The circle for swimming and diving: This circle is hosting an outdoor pool for swimming and diving. It is a water hole into the water.

The circle for open air cinema: This circle is hosting an open field for projections and theatrical performances. It is enclosed by curtains and at night it is transformed into a bright cylinder. It is a dynamic canvas for young artists.

The circle for collaboration and creation: The collaborative space is based in this circle. The connection with the other circles is realized exclusively through this circle. It promotes the concept of cooperation and encourages the development of professional opportunities.

The lake of circles

The rest of the park consists of water. It is accessible to everyone for playing, coolness, calmness and creativity. It's a free canvas for experimentation and it hosts international sculpture symposiums. It is the new symbol of Thessaloniki.

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