SCS PAVILION - pavilion design for the Secure Concert System 

location: Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

In a white industrial site, part of the old Truman Brewery in London, in just 2m x 1m, we were asked to design the Pavilion of the Secure Concert System for the Event Tech Live, an international technology exhibition.The Secure Concert System is a staff communication technology for live events. Our intention was to highlight the basic functions of the system with a strong design gesture. We used the company's motto as the only  planning tool, trying to define a clear presence in the site and making the message perceived from all points of the exhibition. We used black as the main color for the pavilion to be conceived as a wholeness into the white area of the factory. The pavilion's dimensions are 2.00m length, 0.65m width and 2.80m height, it weighs 15Kg, and it is composed of 24 pieces of compressed paper that lock together. Apart from the dominant vertical surface, the pavilion includes a counter for all the necessary system equipment (laptop, mobile phones, screen, flyers etc).