International competition entry, Preston, UK, 2010
project team: X.Tsitsikas, G.Anastasiadis, I.Oikonomou, E.Perrou

The project concerns the development of an innovative design proposal for a social housing development in the centre of Preston, where people will aspire to live. Not only does this proposal emphasizes on design quality and energy efficiency, but also demonstrates that affordable does not equate to ordinary, and should act as an exemplar for future social housing developments in Preston and elsewhere.
The experience one has by walking through the building is like walking through a small city. Each residence remains anonymous due to the complex structure of the ensemble, while contributing to the atmosphere of a neighbourhood.
Our goal is to create a contemporary model of social housing that communicates with the city and responds to the people’s aspirations for innovation and quality of life. Future development in this area should provide people with new solutions, while retaining social values and respecting people’s needs and lifestyle.
This proposal acts as an example of sustainability and flexibility. In addition, the proximity and views to St. Ignatius Place, the area’s continuous frontages, the need for pedestrian and bicycle access, the role of the landscape, were taken into account